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Making Casa Cubista


We're proud to work with craftspeople who love their work, many of whom come from families that have practiced their craft for generations.


The making of a jug

Rui throws the main body of the jug on the wheel, before placing it outside to dry in the sun

Adding the handle

After allowing the clay to dry to a leather-hard finish, the spout and then handle are added

Painting patterns

Painting our graphic patterns takes a practiced hand

Final touch

Before going into the kiln, every piece is dipped into clear glaze and then the base is washed


Spinning the yarn

Our weaver spins his own yarn of a mix of thread recycled from the fashion industry

At the loom

On larger rugs it takes two people, and multiple shuttles, to weave the pattern


At the wooden loom

Maria has been weaving linen on her traditional wooden looms for deacdes

Pattern making

To create the pattern in her pieces, she carefully pulls up a loop of thread, one by one

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