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Casa Cubista is a happy accident that started in 2016 with the idea that we wanted to share all of the things we design and discover here in Portugal with friends around the world. Founded in Olhão, a bustling fishing port on Portugal's Algarve coast, the name 'cubista' comes from the unusual whitewashed and tiled cubist style of buildings found in the alleys and streets of the old town. 

David grew up in Canada, just outside of Toronto, in a loud and loving Azorean/Canadian family of weavers, crocheters, bakers and wood workers and has thoroughly enjoyed getting back in touch with his artisan roots in Portugal. Literally 'hands on,' David made many of the modern crochet pieces you might have seen on Casa Cubista's Instagram. "I'm excited to be a part of a movement of people who understand the value of being a maker, and all the heritage and story within every piece we make and find." 

Spending summers as a child at a hippy run art colony in the English countryside cemented Arren's lifelong love of design and craft. Now, finding himself spending more time in Europe after a 28 year sojourn in Canada - where he worked as a stylist and design journalist, and was most recently the Creative Director of Home for Hudson's Bay - he and David spent two years in Portugal, bombing around the countryside in a vintage '92 Golf to meet with artisans and makers. "I love the idea of taking something traditional, showing it in a contemporary setting and giving it a whole new life."

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